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Pontiac Museums

Preserving our hobby's legacy!

The mission of the Pontiac-Oakland Museum and Resource Center (POMARC) is "to preserve, exhibit, and maintain Pontiac and Oakland automobiles and related artifacts, to include preserving their heritage, influence, significance and place in our society, culture and history."

POMARC first opened in 2011 in Pontiac, Illinois, as a nonprofit organization under the direction and vision of Tim and Penny Dye.

Perfectly complementing POMARC's efforts (and operating under the same 501(c)3 nonprofit credentials), the Pontiac Transportation Museum (PTM) is currently under construction and located just two blocks off famed Woodward Avenue in Pontiac, Michigan. It is nearing its first phase of completion and has already hosted numerous smaller "soft opening" events as a prelude to its official Grand Opening in 2024.

PTM's distinct mission is to preserve and communicate the remarkable history of the products, innovations, people and industrialization of Pontiac, Michigan (located in Oakland County) while aiding the renewal of this valued community through the stimulation of economic growth by providing an outreach to local STEM programs and schools through the connection of this history to the area's ongoing industrial presence.

Featured inside the museum will be exceptional examples of the many unique brands of automobiles and conveyances originally constructed in this thriving community, not the least of which are represented by the Pontiac, Oakland and GMC Truck brands from General Motors.

RPM Foundation

The RPM Foundation

The RPM Foundation believes that vehicles are more than just transportation — they have the power to bring us together, inspire us, and drive us forward as a community that shares a passion. But, with automotive restoration professionals retiring faster than students can replace them, the future of these rolling works of art is uncertain.

The RPM Foundation proudly provides:
  • Restoration, Preservation & Mentorship
  • Hands-On Education Funding
  • Education, Outreach and Events
Its mission is to accelerate the growth of the next generation of automotive restoration and preservation craftsmen through formal training and mentorship.

Founded through the vision and support of Hagerty, the RPM Foundation serves as the educational arm of America’s Automotive Trust. Together, these organizations work to secure and preserve America’s automotive heritage.

Old Pueblo Trolley Bus Restoration Barn

Yellow Coach #8

Old Pueblo Trolley

Old Pueblo Trolley is a volunteer, non-profit corporation founded in 1983 to "Bring Back the Trolley" that once connected downtown Tucson with the University of Arizona. With that as its original goal, volunteers installed track and overhead electric line, and restored and operated trolleys for over 18 years until the City of Tucson removed the infrastructure for construction of a modern streetcar system.

But Old Pueblo Trolley's vision and purpose only continues to grow! The organization has since evolved into three distinct divisions: (1) the Street Railway Division restores and operates the trolleys; (2) the Motor Bus Division preserves, restores and someday hopes to operate transit buses used in Arizona cities; (3) the Museum Division operates the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum located at Tucson's historic Southern Pacific Railroad depot where Locomotive 1673 is on display.

OPT's mission can be summarized as an "operating transit museum." As such, its purpose goes beyond merely collecting, displaying and interpreting historic artifacts. OPT operates historic transit vehicles "for the charitable and educational benefit, use and enjoyment of the public." This does not, however, mean that we will operate every piece of equipment that has been acquired. Some of those pieces, due to condition, difficulty of restoration, or other circumstances, may be designated for static display only.

OPT is committed to acquiring examples of all types of transit vehicles, including a variety of buses. Of these, a select group are examples which were originally assembled in Pontiac, Michigan as products of the General Motors Truck & Coach Division and Yellow Coach operations.

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Year: 1938
Make: Yellow Coach (a division of General Motors that was partnered with GMC Truck and Coach in their Pontiac, Michigan factory)
Model Number: 1204
Serial Number: 234
Usage: 24-passenger city transit bus
Livery: Originally operated in Southern Arizona as Warren-Bisbee Bus Line #8
Yellow Coach Before & After